I started the brand in 2007 in Sydney.

Having spent most of my life in South Africa and Australia, I have a natural affinity with clear blue skies, vast open spaces and the purity of nature.  They open my mind, allow me to breathe and keep me inspired. 

Colour, texture, form and movement fascinate me.  As a keen observer of wildlife, and particularly birds, living in Sydney provides the perfect environment in which I can enjoy the unique and expansive collection of species.

I often ask myself, where else in the world could I go for a walk in capital city park, only 10 minutes from my atelier, where I could see such an array of native birds in their natural habitat?  On my daily walk, I am often fortunate to see majestic Black Cockatoos in flight, striking white Sulphur Crested Cockatoos feeding, gracious Black Swans gliding across the ponds and hear the distinctive laugh of the Kookaburras.  It is scenes like this that inspire me and often find form in my designs.

I am less interested in passing trends, that come and go, and more interested in unique and timelessly modern design.  I do not believe trends should be blindly followed in preference to developing and embracing personal style, that is both contemporary and remains relevant over time. My aim is to achieve this goal with my clients and consider myself fortunate when they entrust me to take them on their fashion journey. 

I believe that wearing something unique and beautifully finished, in a gorgeous fabric, is both rewarding for, and exudes confidence in, the wearer.  Achieving the delicate balance between a selected fabric, a simple yet interesting design, and a beautiful shape, is a comprehensive and sophisticated design process, which I adhere to, and produces a uniquely modern piece of wearable art.

The focus of each design remains the same: the woman wearing the garment.  The design goals are: how the garment moves with her, makes her feel, and how it elevates her mood. 

Sourcing fabric from all over the world is a true passion of mine.  It is an endless process of discovery and always starts with touch.  Once seduced by the tactile, I delve deeper and consider colour, surface, drape and movement.  Identifying the character of each fabric is the true origin of my design process and inspiration.

I hope you enjoy discovering my world.